Jon Thomas applies a slightly uncomfortable Spladle!  
Jon Thomas learns to be a Chiropractor by
applying a Spladle! Don't try this at home.
CPA Patriots in St. Louis near the Arch &
in front of the mighty Mississippi River!
Coach T does a "Foot Washing" on Senior Night for Jon Thomas of Christ
Prep                         Academy on 1-31-07 to exemplify servanthood.
Jon Thomas forces a West Platte, MO opponent to make a wish
& says, "goodnight now!".  Do not try this at home!
Kenny Monday with Coach T at OK St. for
Big                  12 Championships 3-8-08

Are you ready to take it to the next level?
Are you tired of the plain & mundane?
Are you bold & ready to go “outside the box?”

If the answer is yes to any of these consider having me either do a Takedown Clinic for your club or team.

I do 2-4 hour clinics that are fun & fast paced & generally geared for an experienced wrestler.

* We’ll go over some basic offensive & defensive takedowns, then go to more advanced.
* We’ll also go high-tech with moves like the Spladle, Single Arm Salto & a few other tricks.
* We’ll cover mental preparation & other areas that’ll help you to raise the bar.
* We’ll discuss ways to maximize your efforts for the duration of your career.

Email or call Coach T to get a quote on a Clinic or Intensity Training Session.
Email –   /  Cell  816-699-4985

Coach T ( Greg Thomas)

As a Wrestler :

2012 UCM Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee
* 2X MIAA Champ (142lbs.) ‘80-‘81
* CMSU All-Time Takedown Leader
* 2nd in Career Wins at CMSU (UCM)
* Competed Internationally vs Japanese & Dutch National Champions                 Reese Wagner. OUCH!!!

As a Coach:

* Platte County team holds the National Record for most takedowns in a dual.(85 )
* That same team led the nation in takedowns with 1,238
* Raytown team tied the 85 mark for takedowns in a dual.
* Lincoln Prep team tied for 3rd with 83 takedowns.

* Jon Thomas  of Christ Prep is 2nd All-Time in takedowns for the season with 398.
* Jerome Frazier of Lincoln is 10th All-Time in takedowns for the season with 295.
* Numerous All-State wrestlers at Platte County Lincoln Prep & Christ Prep.
Joey Hoit makes a St. Joe wrestler suffer!
Reese Wagner is a Webmaster!
Cody Patterson says, "make a wish"
Cody Patterson makes his opponent's arm eject from
his back!
Vey painful.
Sean George spladles a Bronco in his 1st match of his career!
                                  Nothing to it!
Jon puts an uncomfortable spladle on a Topeka kid!
Jon puts this Maysville wrestler through a good stretching to
help with constipation! The Surgeon General has declared
this move dangerous to your health. Do not try this at home!
Raevon Wilson spladles NKC at Nomad 1-17-10.
Father Maloy goes online!
Reese makes Carrolton suffer!!!
Zach Sanborn spladles opponent at Grain Valley Feb. 2010
Cassio Shipp goes online to cause
maximum suffering Jan. 2011
George Palomares goes online vs
SMNW 12-4-10
Xavier Williams goes online vs Kearney Jan. 2010
Grandview medalists from AAU State at Lafayette HS    
                         Feb. 2010
David Taylor & Coach T at Big 10's - 2014
Ed Rruth & Coach T at Big 10's - 2014
                  Induction - 2012
Coach T, Stevo & Clint Cassing at Big 10's at
           Wisconsin - 2014
          at  142lbs. - 1980
Greg Thomas (Coach T) battles Vadney Rinne
             of MU - 1980