"Race in America : A Call to Heal" is a powerful book
written in response to the rioting in Ferguson, Baltimore,
Dallas Police Shootings & other racially charged events
that have been very visible in America.

As I speak to all types of groups like corporations,
schools, colleges, churches, civic groups, etc., the Q & A
is usually powerful. The discussions inspired me to write
this book. With David Smale's great help in editing,
research & publishing, the book took 6 months to create.

I travel the U.S. just to share a message of healing &
hope to our great land. We don't heal through politics or
legislation, but at the heart level. How you treat your
neighbor as we attempt to develop a "culture of honor" is

At least 90% of the rioting, killing, robbing, racial issues,
etc. go away if we did this. I find a remnant of people
around the U.S. who understand this & live it!

Contact me with questions
, book purchases or comments
& I'd love to come to your venue to share this message &
have a powerful dialogue on how we heal as a nation.

Text - 816-699-4985

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