Dear Coach, Administrator & or Teacher,

We’ve had a great school year & we have big plans  & I’m sure you know that we’re a year
round organization.

Thousands of youth & adults were encouraged to “Beat the Odds & Stand Alone.” I’ve
been able to play in front of over 33,000 in three years!

As some of you know I also go into schools & play “One Man Volleyball” even though I’m
not nearly as good as Bob Holmes ( The Original "One Man Volleyball Team"). Your
group will  have a chance against me. I also play One Man Kickball vs a class. I’ll play
groups or teams like basketball, volleyball, football, wrestling, 3-12th grade classes & a
combination of teachers & other building personnel.

I can speak to the group in a number of areas & I’ve tailored short talks in these areas :  
“One Way to Play” drug & alcohol free, Racial Reconciliation, Stand Alone vs Peer
Pressure, Bullying & School Violence, God Bless America 911, Pre-Test encouragement
(MAP) & other topics that would be of interest to your students. If given enough lead time I’
m usually able to get items donated to give the students when I come.

If I play volleyball I usually need one hour for everything.

I’ve been blessed to be in all types of schools & have been well received! Despite my
busy schedule I should be able to schedule a morning or afternoon assembly.

I have partnered with Dennis Sports Consulting to represent some of the world's premier
athletes for speaking engagements & personal appearances.

Working with various marketing groups we can arrange for appearances from dozens of
athletes & entertainers so please email or call Coach T to arrange for these or others to
come to your event!

Please email me to get details as I go all over the U.S. Bless you!!

CELL    816-699-4985           
Coach T speaks to a sharp group at St. Pius X after
defeating                        them in "One Man Volleyball"
Coach T poses after defeating a loving group of
AWANA Staff! Better luck next time as T still has a few
tricks up his 47yr. old sleeves!!
Coach T poses with St. Pius X  before heavy duty
decisions have to be made.
Thomas family in Virginia for Bre's wedding!
CPA pie-eaters got carried away with hunger! No
forks or spoons were avaiable.
Nate Thomas, Bre (Thomas) Duis & Jon Thomas after another
Pitt                         State victory vs ECU 9-1-07
Coach T with the GVCS Staff after defeating them in
               "One Man Volleyball!"
Chris Gardner (Pursuit of Happiness) hangs out with Coach T & a CPA        
                    FCA group at the OP Marriott in May '07
Bre Thomas upset as a baby  & $20's, $50's &
$100's  couldn't calm her down in 1982!
Charlie Thomas at Cousin Charlie's
Auto Parts in the early '70's
poses with Jon Thomas at Wm. Jewell