Urteaga boys & family at USA State!

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Hope Center Open House was blessed to have many guests. L-R :
John Perkins, Wayne Gordon, Coach T, Chris & Tammy Jehle & a
staffer. What a nice event!
Coach T with son, Nate Thomas at Pitt State!
Christ Prep Academy wrestling coaches at
the 2006 Banquet.
Carey Casey poses with Jon & Nate Thomas who're wearing State Gold
Medals in wrestling. This is an old-school pix from about Mar. 2001.
Washington 100 Strong Men at KCKCC with Richard Santana
Herman Edwards with Coach T at a Youth
Football                        Clinic in Summer '07
N. Delasega, N. Thomas & B. Shamblin at
        Pitt  State Media Day Aug. '07
Coach CJ Jones discusses plays with Isaac
Drake  during Wyandotte vs Washington  
Wyandotte football players before Washington football
game                                         9--21-07