Do you have defensive players just standing around during
a play & unsure of where to go?

Are balls thrown past bases to allow baserunners to
advance routinely?

Are your baserunners lost on the bases & either getting
picked off or not taking big enough leads due to fear?

Are batters striking out at an alarming rate?

Is the bunt a thing of the past for you?

If the answer is yes to any of the above please consider
having Coach T come to a practice to work on any or all of
these areas to build confidence in your players.

Team Defense can be greatly improved which will boost
morale & get players more focused on the task at hand.

Baseball should be exciting with lots of thinking, planning &

Too many kids are dropping out of baseball because they
say it’s boring! No way! Let’s make baseball so much fun
that they can’t wait to get out there & enjoy the fellowship
of their teammates!

Email or call Coach T to get a quote to work with your
team or individual at :

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Call  816-699-4985
Justin Dennis holds Mickey Mantle ball
Becky & Greg Thomas with Buck O'Neil at FCA!
Coach T with Kevin Seitzer at Sports City
Jon Thomas slides into 3rd base to avoid
               a batted ball!
Mike Lusardi & Coach T at Sports City
Coach T & Steve Palermo at National 2
Buck O'Neil, Coach T & Phil Bradley at Sports City
    in Blue Springs c.a. 2006
Dream Team  - 2013 League Champs (3-Peat)