www.coachttd.com is a new website, but it's founder, Coach
T (Greg Thomas)isn't.

He's been a coach for 38 years & has been a high school
head coach in football, wrestling & baseball.

Coach T's teams have been successful in high school &
youth. His uptempo style to competition has served his
athletes well in various sports & in life.

You can find more experienced coaches, but the added
benefit of having T do a clinic or training for you is the
complete approach to sport. It's very important what you're
thinking about when you compete in any sport.

Our mission is for the athlete to be successful on & off the
field of play.

We need more young men of valor & courage so this is what
Coach T tries to instill in his athletes!

When it comes to the takedown in wrestling, my saying
has been, " The best pinning combination is the

Several of my teams have made it into the National High
School Recordbook in the area of the takedown!

In the past, one of my wrestlers moved into 4th All-Time
in takedowns in a season with 341!

Let us know how we can serve you!!

Email - coachttd@yahoo.com

Call  816-699-4985
Muhammad Ali lets Sonny Liston know who's
"The Greatest!"
Jon Thomas airborn during a triple jump
for CPA.
Jon Thomas throws a Pittsburg wrestler at USA State