Welcome to www.coachttd.com!

On this site you'll find several ways to benefit if you're
involved in youth & high school sports.

We also serve colleges, churches, teams & companies by
helping them to raise funds.

This is the place for you if you need help in the following
areas :

* Wrestling - Takedown Clinics
* Football - Wide Receiver technique.
* Baseball - Team Defense,   Hitting & Baserunning.
* Driver Training - Learn to drive well,
* Motivational Speaking -  I'll speak at banquets, luncheons,
assemblies, camps, clinics, etc.

I'll play your boys, girls & adults in "One Man Volleyball" for
fun & encouragement!

* We can help your group to raise funds with Sports
Auctions with very nice signed & unsigned items.

* I'll do recruiting seminars for small groups of athletes
who're interested in competing at the college level!

Check out any of the pages that interest you & let me know
how we can serve you or your team. Be sure to let others
who may need these services know about the site.

Coach T
JJon Thomas with Coach  T       
 before game
Parents of Greg & Becky Thomas at wedding
reception. Powerful testimony of reconciliation!
Scott Levinson, John Wiley  & Coach T at 810
one Spring 2010
Thomas & McCulloch family members enjoy
Arrowhead as Pitt State beats NWMSU!
Nate Thomas poses with a rough bunch in Texas!
Coach T shows his raw power from
years of wrestling! Don't try this at   
Nate Thomas rests after Pitt State hammers
West       Texas A&M in the play-offs!
Jon Thomas on sideline at Pitt
State Lawnchair Scrimmage on  
Jackie Robinson steals home vs Yankees!
Coach T performs the snatch at an FCA
Outreach in Olathe, KS. Bring on 500lbs.?!!
Cody Patterson
CPAers earn 3rd at WYCO Invitational.
Coach T & Reese Wagner pose by the pix of the
    "King of "Spladle" at Hall of Fame on OK.
Grandview varsity wrestlers Nov.09
Nate , Coach T & Jon Thomas after Spring    
         Game at Pitt State 4-12-08
R. Holt(13) , Nate Thomas (#2) & Jon Thomas (#82) in
trips formation at Pitt State's Spring Game on 4-12-08
Coach T, Coach McQueen & Coach "Bo" Webb
pose at coaches meeting for OCS Football         
Jon Thomas before kick return at Pitt. 2009
Jon Thomas during "Gorilla Walk" in the Jungle 8-29-09
Jon Thomas scores his 1st Pitt TD vs UCM 9-19-09
Grandview Wrestlers serve at the River of Refuge Dream Center in 11-14-09
Coach T with Darren Sproles at Blue Valley HS 6-12-09
Grandview High School wrestlers 2010-11
Grandview Wrestling Club pose outside of Bonefish Grill 5-15-11